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Simon Malz

Stefan G. Bucher is a graphic designer, illustrator, writer, and maker of monsters, who works out of his studio 344 Design (link) in sunny California. You might have come across some of his work at a bookshop (link), in a record store (link), on your iDevice (link), on the television and at the movies (link). As a fan his diverse projects, I felt a great responsibility to make them look good. I was provided with the header image and useful feedback, while being given most freedom for the design.

The new mobile friendly website is a place to look through the work in great detail, finding out about the man behind it, and gain insights into his process. The highly customized content management system automatically compiles a list of all projects, that can be sorted or filtered by title, type, client, location, and year. This was the first instance where my interest in archives and indexes convened.